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Why nude yoga?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

You might wonder what is the sense in doing Nude Yoga. Why don't people just do yoga like everyone do.

Answer is you could and no one is recommending you to replace clothed yoga with Nude Yoga. It is just a different genre of yoga where you can enjoy without the barrier of clothes and take full benefits of yoga as a practice.

Nagna Yoga or Vivastra Yoga it has existed in India as a spiritual practice since ancient times. The Bhagavata Purana (7th-10th century), one of the main texts of sacred Indian literature, mentions that those who renounce worldly life to embark on a spiritual quest should try to avoid covering themselves; if they wear something, it should be only a loincloth.

Then at the turn of second millennium continued invasion of India by Mughal Empires and British colonisation suppressed this beautiful practice along with other ancient practices and texts like Kamasutra by Vātsyāyana and Arthashastra by Kauṭilya. Modern practices has replaced these and taken the soul out of these.

Some modern yoga gurus tried to revive it in western countries but they objectified women in yoga classes and they are suffering from sexual abuse scandals. So, you don't have to make it a business. Just practicing it in your home and sharing it with others is all you need to spread this beautiful practice without tarnishing the image of this ancient Indian practice.

Nude Yoga by Ryan Shebeeb Photography