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What are Polaroids and Comp cards in Modelling?

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Comp cards

Polaroids and Comp cards are two most important two thing a model should have with her. Usually it is printed and kept with model in her/his wallet/clutches. Now-a-days it is more common to have a digital copy in their cellphone.


Polaroid images are technically the pictures taken in a polaroid camera but in modeling industry, it simply means the picture of a model with no makeup, no hair styling, and no editing.

Why polaroid images are important because many a times model who walks through the door for an audition or for a photo shoot will be entirely different from the picture they have sent before meeting in person. These days you cannot underestimate the power of makeup and digital retouch, it can change your look completely that even your partner won't able to recognize you. Whether polaroid is essential or not depends on the country you are in and where you intend to apply. For example, in India, polaroids are not essential except when you are casting in an international shoot or you are representing a reputed multinational model agency.

For a polaroid, a model doesn’t need a professional photographer. All they have to do is click a picture in plain background (preferably white) with following conditions

- No makeup whatsoever

- No hair styling, pull back your hair to make your jaws and cheekbones visible.

- No retouching – Don’t even think about retouching, your pimples are fine

- Do not use flash on your camera