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Types of Modelling

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Types of modelling. Two models leaning back against wall

Whether you are tall, short, slim, plus size or even in your 40s, there is a modelling gig for you. Just need to know your niche. There were times when the minimum height criteria to become a model was 5ft 8 inch. Those times have changed drastically and now-a-days even 5'4" and 5'5" models are walking the ramp. There were also a time when modelling is all about perfect figure and toned body, that has also been changed with "Next-door neighbour" kind of modelling where advertisers want to portray a normal person so that the customers can correlate their situation with them. Only condition which seems to have not changed over time is the criteria of "flawless skin". Seldom any photographer or advertiser will commission a model with scars and pimples all over the face.

​So, if you have a minimum height of 5'1" and have decent skin, you will definitely find a modelling job of your like. Only thing you need to take care is do not do any modelling which you do not want to. For eg: Glamour and Nude modelling pays a handsome amount, but getting into it without having any interest on it will definitely affect your entire career.

1. Fashion Model

Historically these are the models who meet the "perfect" criteria, nothing much has changed even now. These models are usually seen in luxury brand advertisements and cover photos of magazine. This is the only category of modelling where height can give you a advantage. But, again trend is changing and you can easily find 5'4" girls on covers of top fashion magazines. This is also one of the competitive niche due to the simple fact that it is the highest paid. Some fashion models even make upto 5 million a year. Over the last decade these models have been getting bad publicity due to excess use of drugs and partying and falling into the trap of addiction. But, based upon few instances we cannot judge an entire industry. So, be careful what you are getting into. Modelling is not a right place for breaking bad.