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Toners - Basics

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Model toning her skin. Skin care routine

Toning is ideally the second stage in 3 stage process of skin care routine. Simply speaking, toners are lotions which help to adjust your skin pH level back to normal after the cleanser has disturbed it while cleansing. Additional benefits of toners are shrinking the appearance of pores and getting your skin ready for the moisturiser

​Once you are done with the cleansing of your face, you may want to use toners for removing the last bit of dirt and any remaining makeup on your face. Toners are optional but highly recommended because even though it is possible that toners can irritate your skin and make it dry, right toner at right amount can make your skin rejuvenate and can give a flawless skin look if you are using it before applying foundation. Most of the negative side effects of using toners are because of the improper selection of toners. There are three different types of toners available in the market and all these three are marketed to different skin types and usages. Choosing one which is friendlier to your skin is absolutely essential.



These are the strongest toners which contain alcohol content ranging from 25-50%. Use this only if you have oily skin or any other medical condition where the doctor has actually prescribed one. As a general rule, avoid any face product which contains alcohol in higher proportion. Occasional usage of astringents for a quick fresh look is okay but be careful about including them in your daily makeup and skincare routine. Also never forget to use moisturizer after using an astringent because moisturizer can compensate for some of the dryness created by it.


These are lighter than astringents but still, contains at least 15-20% of alcohol content. These kind of toners are suitable for any kind of skin types. Some examples of tonics are Orange flower water and fruit based toning solutions