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Should you use Medium Format Camera?

medium format camera

Very few professionals talk about Hasselblad, Phase One or Mamiya Leaf. Are they better? Does medium format is any better than high-end DSLR? These questions are there in the mind of many photographers. But, no one will ask, because asking these questions might make them look like a stupid. For starters, medium format is a bigger sensor camera which shoots at very high resolution mostly in the range of 50 Megapixels to 100 Megapixels. Some even go till 200 Megapixels.

To understand more about a medium format, let's compare with a full frame DSLR. Let's star the sensor size.

Sensor Size

Typical full frame DSLR is 35mm which is similar to a film camera. Medium format sensor comes primarily in four sizes

6 X 4.5 cm commonly referred to as 645,

6X6 cm square ones which was once a popular size,

6X7 cm which is popular even now

6X9 cm which is most similar to DSLR Sensors.


Major DSLR Brands are Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm with Canon having highest market leadership.

Major Medium Format Brands are Hasselblad, Phase one and Mamiya Leaf with Hasselblad leading the race