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Should You be A Model?

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

hot model in shorts sitting and watching tv

Career in modelling is not just about glamour and glitz, there are many things which go into it. To start your career, you need to be polite, punctual and professional in addition to many other criteria. Above all, can you sustain the peer pressure and difficulties which you need to face during your career?

First and foremost thing which you need to become a successful model is knowledge. Please note, we are talking about successful models. To become a mediocre model, you don’t need anything other than your physical looks and willingness to do any roles. Every model will face one thing in their life, that is their first audition or first job. There is nothing more stressful than going in front of a group of people and try to show your skills when there are dozens of other models who does the same thing without any difference. The problem is in the differentiation. How do you differentiate yourselves from others?

The answer to the question “Who should be a model?” is that only those people who can differentiate themselves from the herd of wannabe models and actors should try to get into modeling.

How to Differentiate Yourselves Understand and learn people. There is cutthroat competition in modelling in higher echelons. Your competition is other models, you need learn them and understand them. Understand the weakness of models of your level and niche. Try to build your strength on their weakness. One example is models who are struggles financially.

When a model struggles financially, it is not possible for him/her to be choosy about what kind of jobs they do. A model who had sound ethics initially might fall into couch casting agents simply because she/he ran into financial trouble and no longer have the jobs to choose from. It is not the story of few people. Every model at some point in time might have faced these kind of issues. So, learn and understand others. When we talk about struggle, It is also not difficult to find successful models who haven’t struggled much. Because they had the right information at the right time and they happened to meet the right people. Some call it as luck, others call it as a result of hard work.

Whatever the reason it might be, the key to their success was the right kind of information. The interesting thing about information is that it is up to you what kind of information you seek and learn. You can gain information related to things which are related to modeling or which are completely unrelated (You can learn rocket science if you are interested in that! Just Kidding.). Anyway, Whatever the information is, that information will help you to build confidence and see many other possibilities

Differentiation is in your mind, the day you feel you are different from others, you will see your confidence level building up and you will learn how to navigate through your modelling career. Nobody can tell you what is good in you or what you like most. Only you know what is that makes you unique. Identify it. It is only a matter of time before you are “discovered” by someone who can take you to the top. Of course, there are inequalities in modeling, like in every other industry but your honest hard work will never go waste if you hold on to your ethics and principles even in bad times. </