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Nudity for Older Couples

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Naked women shy hiding - nude shoot with old couples

Recently I have been contacted by a couple in late 40s who wants to do a Boudoir kind of shoots before their body gives away their beauty. Problem with Nude shoots after the age of 40 is the the uncomfortableness with their body. Most people, especially woman have the concern about extra fat in their body and stretch marks. It is very common Indian woman gain weight after the age of 30 and reasons they gave is marriage, work stress, lack of interest in working out and fitness etc...

Perfect body shape is always ideal for a nude shoot, but not everyone have the blessing on having a toned beautiful body. Imperfect body shape should not be a problem for doing a nude shoot. The whole point of nudism is being comfortable with their body irrespective of how they look and how they seem. Of course many of them are not aware of nudism and even if they don't know a thing of nudism, I really think they should not worry about how their body look like in a nude shoot.

Honestly, I never find any attraction in completely naked woman. I always prefer some type of clothing even that is so small as a G-String or an Ultra Microbikini. The purpose of nude shoot is not to look beautiful, but to look real and to learn from the imperfections. From numerous experiences in doing nude shoots and seeing even more naked woman, I could say all that matters is what is inside and some basic beauty outside. Beauty in outside can only reach till a specific point, beyond that no additional amount of outside beauty won't help. So, if you want to look like a supermodel in a shoot, don't go for nude shoot, instead do a Swimwear/Bikini shoot or Ethnic/Western shoot. Saying that, customer is the king. If they want to look like a supermodel, well, I could do that with massive lighting techniques and ruthless photoshopping. I don't mind. I am just saying nude photoshoot is not for looking hot. It is to accept the body of yours.

Of course, there is an exception when you are doing for a shoot for Playboy or erotic magazine and that is outside the scope of what i am discussing here. My inspiration for nude shoots raised from nudism and not from erotism and i will discuss that sometime in future. For the time being, i would like to tell every man, woman or couple who are older than 40 that you are in perfect age to practice nudism. Even if you don't want to practice nudism, you are in perfect position to accept your body as it is and be comfortable in it. Hiding your imperfections under clothes and belts will only increase your insecurity and it will never help you.

Saying that, It is always best if you have a toned and athletic body, it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also help in fighting many diseases including Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart Diseases etc... So, if you don't have a good athletic body now. Consider this nude shoot as a reference point in starting out your fitness regime