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Plus size Modelling Height Requirement

plus size model - height requirement for plus size modelling

When it comes to fashion modelling common thumb of rule is taller the model better it is, but that is not true when it comes to Plus size modelling. Plus size modelling is a niche where the clients have specific requirement in showcasing a brand or convey a particular message. In such cases, they are looking for someone who can portray the real world of "not so skinny" people. Plus size models are not overweight or fat, they are just healthy in a way that they have extra body fat in some part of their body. Usually fat distribution of plus size models are uneven across the body and that is what gives them edge over other overweight people. They are able to focus on the body area where fat distribution is normal or the photographer is able to direct a pose which looks slim on camera.

For a normal full length portrait of plus size models, height between 5"4 to 5"7 is ideal because anyone who is less than 5"4 might end up look like a symmetrical round figure representing no aesthetic value. On the hand, anyone who is above 5"7 will look like bulky or too heavy losing the distinction of cuteness. For artistic shoots, height does not matter because a model's full body is not shown at any point of time. Photographer focuses on face, hands, shoulder view, back view etc.. without giving a chance for the viewer to see the person in whole. Hence, any height above 5"2 to 5"11 inch will be fine. Saying this, it is a general experience of mine and it is possible that other photographers may prefer even taller plus size models depends upon their requirements.

Requirement is main factor determining height and weight requirement. One client can have one particular requirement for a shoot while other with same marketing objective can have a different requirement of model, it all comes down to personal preference and general experience of everyone who is involved in the shoot. Bottom line is following are the requirements

For full length shoots

Minimum Ideal height for Plus size modelling for females = 5 feet 4 Inches

Maximum Ideal height for Plus size models for females = 5 feet 7 Inches

For artistic shoots

Ideal height for Plus size modelling for females = 5 feet 2 Inches

Ideal height for Plus size models for females = 5 feet 11 Inches.