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Nudism In India

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Nudism in India is almost non-existent except few private groups in Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai who organises nude meets in their homes on rotation. The lack of popularity of nudism is obvious in a country like India where slight show of skin itself is considered as a taboo. ​

For those who actually interested in Nudism, travelling abroad and experiencing it in Naturist resorts and nude beaches are the best option. But what about those who are on tight budget? They struggle to find a suitable place to experience naturism in their home country and ends up organising private meets in homes and apartments. Problem with these kind of private home meets is that female members hardly gets comfortable in being naked in some stranger's house.

It is unlikely that there will be any official Nudist resort or Nudist party gets organised in India in this decade or in next decade unless nudism comes to mainstream through a Bollywood movie or a regional movie. According to Indian laws, being naked in public is considered as violation of section 294 of Indian Penal Code and is punishable. Hence, nude beaches are out of scope and only option is private resorts, private parties and group meets. But, still the real question is even if there are nude resorts, will anyone will ever go to one?

When we discuss about cultural inhibitions and cultural insecurities of India, you would be surprised to know that there are more orgy parties in India than any nudist event. It does not stop there, orgy parties are not just in Metro Cities, In fact Tier II cities are leading in orgy parties than Metro cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. What this shows is that people are not worried about getting naked, they are worried about letting others know it. After all, being nudist also involves publicly admitting they are nudist.

Being a secret nudist is fine but denying the fact that they are nudist will defeat the whole purpose of being a nudist. So, at the end I don’t think anyone will go to a nudist resort in India, even if they go to an orgy party. Secrecy is utmost importance to Indians and fear of family or peers seeing them naked in public nude party will lead them straight back to private nude parties in dungeons and basements where they can have dual personality as a nudist and as a family person. The truth is nudism is all about family; women and children are integral part of the nude experience as a family. But, India is long way from having a family oriented Nudist experience with equal number of men and women.

Above problems would have been solved had there been a organising committee or an organisation foreseeing nudist activities. Internationally, there is International Naturist federation, but In India there aren’t any chapters or national federations to bring nudism into a organised sector. Hence, until someone or something leads to a miracle of popularising nudism, best option for Indians is to enjoy nudism abroad.

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