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Necklines - What you need to know

Necklines  - young women smoking

Understanding every terminology of fashion is important if you want to master the art of choosing the perfect dress.Choosing a perfect dress is always difficult. From type of dress to type of fabric you want, choices are numerous. Here in this guide, we will try to explain some of the common necklines you will find in dresses and tops. We are using universal terminologies and you can find the same in both dresses and all types of tops. Please note, most necklines are not exclusive, you can find one or more necklines combined in many tops. You can choose one which suits your body type best or you can choose based upon your preference or your interest in highlighting part of your body.

Common necklines are following

1. Round Neck

2. Scoop Neck

3. V- Neck

4. Square Neck

5. Boat Neck

6. Off - Shoulder

7. One -Shoulder

8. Keyhole Neckline

9. Halter Neck

10. Sweetheart Neckline