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Nail Paints - Ultimate Guide

model with multi color nail painted hands

Nail paint, Nail Polish or Nail Lacquer - all same thing is the actual colored liquid which you apply on nails. Depends upon the finish and color you choose, you need to apply at least 3-5 coats of Nail paint. Applying nail lacquer is second step of nail painting routine, first being applying base coat.

Basic Tips for applying nailpaint

  • Manicuring is always recommended but it is not compulsory.

  • File and Clip your nails with your own home tools.

  • Longer your nails better it looks in nail polish.

  • Opened Nail Polish lasts only 2 years

  • Some Nail Polish have food items in them like Cucumber and garlic.

  • Nail Polish is considered as hazardous waste. So, do not throw away.

  • Do not paint your nails in airplane, it is prohibited

  • Do not Store Nail paint in bathroom, store in dry place away from sunlight.

Nail Paints Finishes

There are at least dozen type of nail polish finishes available in market. Here, we discuss some of the important types. What type you need depends upon the color you choose and occassion. Certain shades looks good in matte while other shades looks better in creme although for some other colours it doesn't make much difference. Keep trying with different colours and soon you will learn the art of mix and matching.