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Moisturisers - Basics

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Model moisturizing her skin - Skincare routine

Moisturizers are so popular that you don’t need an introduction. But, there are more to it than a simple bottle of cold cream. Gone are the days when you randomly pick a moisturizer from the supermarket and expect it to work wonders. With the increasing demand of moisturizers, there are also increasing number of moisturizers available in the market with different varieties and features. Even though a moisturizer cannot give you any harm, understanding them is very important to avoid spending money on something which doesn’t give the desired result

Moisturizers are not just for dry skin, for dry skin it is absolutely essential to apply frequently but for other skin types, it is very much essential when you cleanse your skin or does any skin drying activity. Let’s start by discussing why you need a moisturizer in the first place.

When we are young, our skin automatically moisturizes our skin by creating sebum and distributing all over the skin. By the time we reach puberty and into our 20s, this ability of skin to self-moisturize loses and we need actively moisturize it. Moisturizing works in two ways – by topical application and by hydrating yourself. You cannot underestimate the need for drinking plenty of water, no matter how much moisturizer you apply, if you are not drinking plenty of water, then simply skin doesn’t have enough substances to moisturize your skin. Humectant variety (we will discuss it later in this article) draws water from inside the skin. So, if you are not hydrated yourself, then applying moisturizer is simply not useful.

Currently, you can purchase moisturizers in three different forms –

1. Creams

2. Gels


1. Creams