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Modelling General Advice and Advice to parents

Teen models posing for modelling portfolio

There are more modelling scams and con agents than the real ones who can give actually help a model. I thought I will add some points where you can keep in mind when you interact with someone in modelling industry.

  • Models under the age 18 need parents permission. If anyone says otherwise it is probably a fraud and you should report it to concerned authorities.

  • Rarely a reputed modelling agency will ask for any joining or registration fees. Even if they ask, it will be very nominal. So, stay away from agencies who ask hefty registration and one time charges.Always wear a professional and elegant dress. Don’t fall into the trap of “sexy dresses gets you job” mentality.

  • Take care of your health and skin. Random inferior Makeups can have a negative impact. Seldom makeup artist and client think about your overall well-being. Everyone wants the model to have perfect look on particular shoot day, but you are the one who needs to undergo future consequences of that particular day.

  • If anyone says some particular assignment gets you famous or make you popular. Double Check it, their objective is to get you do that particular assignment and they don’t care what happens after that. Most importantly never do anything outside your comfort zone.

  • If you are under 18 or above 18. If a photo shoot or casting is first time for you, it is good idea to bring along your parent or relatives. Don't feel embarrassed to have parents along with you. They are for your safety and for your help.

  • Don’t fall into the con schemes where A super cool dude with a Facebook profile filled with selfies with celebrities promises to make you a supermodel. Taking a snap with celebrity does not prove anything. A junior artist or a catering boy can also get a selfie with celebrity.

  • Random guy/girl on a club or street hand you over a business card saying they are casting agents or model agents. Again, there are genuine people who get fresh faces off the street but nowadays there are more frauds than genuine people. So, use common sense.

  • If anyone says, a portfolio is must and you should definitely get one. They probably have something else in mind. Use your judgment. Never trust anyone blindly. ​

  • Never sign a contract without understanding it completely or without discussing with parents or friends.

  • Do not forget, modelling is a short term career despite its rewarding nature , It lasts only till you can keep up the looks and cope up with changing trends. So, have plans on wh