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Lehenga Buying Guide

Indian Model wearing Lehenga choli - Lehenga buyiing guide

Traditionally, Lehenga is a bottom wear more like a skirt long enough to touch the ground. It can be worn around the waist, below the waist or on the hips depends upon the look one intend to have. Modern women generally wear 3-4 inches below the navel to follow the natural lines of the hip. It is tightened and secured around the waist. There are various types of Lehenga according to the way how it is woven, stitched or embroidered which will be explained later.

Lehenga is usually worn along with Choli (Top like a blouse) and Dupatta (Optional Stole, Scarf, Shawl over Choli). Sometimes whole set of these 3 items: Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta are called as just "Lehenga" or "Choli". Sometimes, the term Lehenga and Choli are also used interchangeably in many parts of India mostly because different regions have their own names for this Lehenga choli. Some call it Langa, while others call it Pavadai (Tamil) or Lacha (Kerala).

Even though these clothing styles are considered Indian, the origin of different styles has their own independent growth stories either from the desert dominated Northwestern region or linguistically separated south Indian region. statement. Many foreign celebrities who have never visited India has also been seen wearing traditional Indian clothes on various occasions.

Indian women in red and purple lehenga choli with mehendi