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How much Models earn?

Model holding cash. How much model earns for a shoot

This will probably the most asked question by every wannabe model. If you are reading to get a solid figure, I might disappoint you because I am not giving one. Every model earns differently and every model spends differently. A model who earns 1000 dollars but spends 1200 dollars is definitely not going to be rich whereas a model who earns 800 dollars and spends only 500 will have shot at having a stable career. This is not just in modelling, this is applicable to every industry. How you spend is more important than how much you earn.

How much Models earn in india?

Modelling is a profession where you are paid for the job on daily basis or project wise, there aren’t many firms who keeps models on payroll. Depends upon the experience and overall personality and looks of the model, they can earn pretty good amount. In India, standard payment for an experienced model is 10,000 Indian Rupees. It can increase or decrease depends upon the negotiation skills of the Model. In any case rarely an experienced model work for less than 8000 INR. A fresher who don’t have any experience will probably won’t get anything, they might need to work on TF Basis but still there are many firms who are willing to pay 2000 to 3000 INR for 8 hours shoot. Personally I don’t recommend anyone to go for TF Shoots in India. India is still at nascent stage in modelling industry and you will find more frauds and con agents in industry than genuine one. One way to guide your way into modelling industry is to avoid all TF Requests. It might create a problem if you do not have a portfolio but if you have a portfolio there is no reason to do TF shoots.

Models with little experience will earn around 5000 INR for 8 hour shoot and again it depends upon the negotiation skills of the model. Another factor in deciding model’s pay is the type of shoot. For lingerie and Swimwear, it generally pays more, for example, a model who willing to do bikini can easily bargain her way upwards of 15,000 INR, for fresher’s, bikini shoots tend to pay upwards of 10,000. Anything less than that is not worth doing. For nude shoots and topless, there is no standard market, different models charge different rates and it is generally on higher side because they know there are not many models who can do these shoots confidently.

In Short, in India models gets paid as follows

Fresher ₹ 3000 to 5000

Experienced ₹10,000 to ₹12,000