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FAQs on having your first Nude Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Nude model posing - Frequently asked questions regarding nude photoshoots

Following are some of the most common questions which I receive from clients regarding Nude shoots. Some questions are very trivial, but still I have included them because if a client is having this concern, many others also might have.

Q. We aren’t professional models. We need to be comfy, understand what we would be going through and need to mentally prepare for it.

A. Do not worry. We have done many shoots for couples of various ages. (Oldest couple we have shot was of age 67). You do not need to be models for any kind of shoot. You could see both our gallery and nude gallery where you can see women of various size and shapes posing. Unfortunately we do not showcase any couple because of privacy reasons. We respect client Privacy.

Q. Would the shoot be indoor or outdoor?

Boudoir means home setting. So typically it is done in your own home, But, if you want to do it in a studio, we can do it

Q. What's duration of shoot. What is without clothes?

Duration will be 3- 4 hours. Boudoir shots are ideally done naked or with little clothes like Lingerie, G-strings, Nightwears etc. But, we are experts in this area and we don't do it outrightly naked. We do nude shoots according to your comfort level.

Q. How may people are there during shoot?

People are little shy about getting naked in front of others. We understand that and only photographer will be there at the time of shoot. If it is in studio there will be one assistant in addition to photographer. But, there might be people before the shoot to arrange lights, do makeup and for various