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Frequently asked questions regarding modelling

Models in beauty pageant

When a model starts his or her career, there are many doubts he or she have in mind. In this post we try to answer most common question a model asks.

Q. I am not tall, can i become model?

A. Being tall is a criteria in many fields of fashion but it is not necessary. There are many genres where height is not a criteria. You can focus on such areas and try to build your skills which in long term will help you to get confidence even to compete with a tall model.

Q. I am not skinny, can i become model?

A. Unless you are overweight, you can definitely become a model. Being slim is good but being skinny is disadvantage in many countries. In some countries minimum weight criteria exist for model. So, do not try to be skinny, try to improve your personality and maintain a good BMI.

Q. Is modelling easy?

Wrong question. Question you should be asking is "Do i love modelling". If you love, gradually everything will comes to you and soon you will realise it is the best decision you ever made. Dont get inspired in a whim. Many models fail because they dont had the required information or they thought looks are the only thing mattered. Make an informed decision. You will never go wrong in doing what you love to do.

Q. I love to do modelling, but is it financially sustainable?

What would you be doing, if you were not into modeling? Pursue that and keep modeling as your passion until you make a decent income from modeling because in many cases it happens that models quit modeling completely and took regular jobs because they simply ran out of money. At the beginning, you may not earn much. So, you need to find income from some other source to start your modeling career. Few months into modeling and after building contacts, you will figure out the modeling jobs and finance become stable.