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Coffee Addiction - Break it before they break you

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Model in underwear drinking coffee

Coffee is the most widely used drinks all over the world. Almost 90% of office goers have drunk at least one cup of coffee in their normal work life and among them, more than half of them are drinking at least 2 cups of coffee in a day. Research indicates that all you need is two cups of coffee a day to get you addicted. Models usually rely on coffee to get through hours of shooting. Believing eating can make their tummy look bigger, they even satisfy their hunger with coffee. Truth is coffee just gives a temporary push to our brain and it won't help in long term. Moreover, coffee addiction is considered as a pre-cursor for smoking and drug addiction - prevalent among models.

Anyway, Let's start by seeing why do people drink coffee.


Like any other addiction, the reason for starting something is different from the reason for why they keep doing it. The only difference in terms of coffee is that caffeine addiction is not dangerous and you are not going to harm yourselves or anyone else because you drink too much coffee.

Among youngsters, asking a girl for a coffee is the first step for a date. I am yet to see anyone asking a girl – “You want to get a Milk or something?”. So, literally, media and society has glamorized coffee and now drinking coffee is something of status and quintessential to be part of the modern society. To make the discussion fair to Coffee and coffee manufacturers, please note that if you take drugs, alcohol or your are a regular smoker, you are way more likely to cause problems to yourselves because of those habit than taking coffee, coffee is innocent, all it does is block some of your brain molecules (we will see more about it). So, this article is only for those who wants to get rid of all kinds of addiction leaving your brain tranquil and natural as possible.


It has scientifically proven that coffee is chemically addictive, , when you drink coffee, some quantity of caffeine gets absorbed through your intestines and others get dissolved in your bloodstreams. Since it is a water-soluble content, it also penetrates your brain barriers and enters the brain. Once the caffeine enters the brain, what it does is that it blocks the brain molecules which causes tiredness and sleepy. It is called adenosine molecule. Caffeine is structurally similar to adenosine molecule and that is the reason why it