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Cleansing - Basics

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Model cleaning the skin. Skin care routine

We all know cleansing your skin is absolutely essential. Just a random face wash with your bar soap is not going to make your skin look better, if not made it worse. If you didn’t cleanse your skin before applying makeup, it is like an artist drawing his/her masterpiece over a dirty canvas. Frequent cleansing of your skin might backfire but ideally, you should cleanse twice in a day – Morning before you apply your makeup and at night before the sleep when you remove your makeup. Some of the cleansers also do a wonderful job as a makeup remover. So, you can save time there too.

No matter how much is your tendency to use soap to clean your face, just avoid it. Because soaps have high pH around 9-10 and your skin’s pH is around 4-5. So, it will change the pH balance in your skin and might actually result in the growth of bacteria and acne. For those of who don’t know what is pH – It is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Here, we do not recommend or promote any particular brand, but we can give you a general advice on how to choose a right cleanser for you. The first thing you need to see is whether the cleanser is for a particular skin type, If yes, choose the one matching with your skin. If nothing is mentioned on the bottle or in the tube, check whether ‘active’ is mentioned anywhere on the packaging because active face cleansers are more heavy and suitable only for oily skin types.

Second, you need to see the ingredients and avoid all cleansers which have lanolin or paraffin because they block pores and are not suitable for acne prone skins. Try to avoid any cleansers with added moisturizers, because you are better off with a dedicated moisturizer.

Next, what you need to see its price, brand, and availability because cleansing is a regular routine, you need to stay with this routine for a long time. If you cannot afford to buy a particular cleanser on a regular basis, there is no point in using one bottle and switching to another brand after it is finished. You should also try to buy known brands because in the market there are many new cleansers claiming to be herbal and natural but most of them are just substandard and junk. You can never go wrong in choosing a brand which exists for decades, at least they care about their goodwill and they won't vanish overnight. You need to check the availability of the product too because many times women procure makeup products randomly from a store shelf only to know that it was available only in that store and not anywhere else. You need to make sure the product is available not only in that store but also available across all major department stores and hypermarkets. Last but not le