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Nude modelling is a niche category of modelling where only experienced models with good work ethics survives. Qualities of a nude model are high level of confidence, strong work ethics, high self esteem and an internal locus of control. Nude models believe in themselves and they do not doubt themselves when someone questions. That is the single most quality a nude model has.


" Nudity is not about being butt naked, it's about beauty of human body "


Garments are very much important in Nude modelling as much as it is important in Fashion modelling. Shooting fully exposed models is not what nude photography is. The art of nude photography is about placing props in strategic ways and using garments to make it creative and artistic.

Topless Modelling

Topless modelling as the name suggests is top-less. That is the model will not be wearing a top. It does not mean model should display their full breast and nipples. Photographers use their creativity to make models pose in particular way which might or might not display the nipples. A full time nude model will never hesitate when it comes to exhibit full breasts or nipples. However, there are also bikini models who does topless shoot. Such model will always and almost cover their breast with hands or other props. They are not nude model, they are bikini models.

Implied Nude

Implied Nude is type of nude photography where the model will not wear any clothes and still it does not look naked. How a photographer or film director create such a shot is depends upon them. Only professional nude models will be doing implied nude and it is not advisable for fashion models to do implied nude even though there are no apparent nudity. Implied nude photography final images may or may not be black and white (low key). Irrespective of that as a model you should always be ready to see yourself in color. Do not think you are safe when it is dark and face is not clear. That is not professionalism

Fine Art Nude

Fine Art Nude Photography is about capturing the beauty of the human form by telling a story. Using light, shadows, posing and creative expression, you can bring out the beauty of your subjects and the human body. Difference between fine art nude and other genres of nude modelling is that fine art nude always tells a story. Images of fine art nude are, sensual, powerful, intriguing, natural and sexy at the same time. Model's body language has to be fluid and tension free. Do not think you as a model can disguise yourselves as invisible in dark shadows. It is possible, but without belief in yourselves and your skill, no art can be created.

Explicit Nude

Explicit or Erotic modelling is different from mainstream nude modelling and it comes more in the pornography genre. But, with recent changes in laws regarding erotic photography and people getting more open minded with eroticism, nude models are able to do erotica without worrying about their image. However, it is not advisable for a model to do erotic shoots or films especially at the beginning. Earnings from erotica or pornography can be tempting but choosing that prematurely can take a model into irreversible paths.


Earning Potential in nude modelling is very high. But, at the same time compared to other genres of modelling, growth prospectus are very low because of the lack of opportunities available for nude models. Hence, nude modelling is chosen by only a handful of models who have good business skills and modelling skills.








Good news for models who wants to get into nude modelling is that, it is the only genre of modelling other than part modelling where height is not a bar. Because, clients see the attitude and confidence level of a nude model, not their physical looks or tall body. Models with height above 5ft 2inch can have decent career in nude modelling.


These are our top three nude models who made a solid career in Nude Modelling. You can see full list of Nude models here. Most of the them started as a Fashion Model and worked their way upwards. It should be the natural growth of a model. Do not get tempted by potential earnings and get into nude modelling without thinking. More than anything, experience is what matters to have high level of confidence in doing nude in front of camera.

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