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Technically all models are fashion models and all modelling is fashion modelling. However, the type of clothing a model is comfortable to wear make them limited one or few of modelling genres. Though that is not a drawback or limitation, it is not fair to compare them with Bikini models or Nude models who have created their own niche. Hence, whenever we say fashion modelling, it means modelling where focus is not in Swimwear or Nude.


" What model wears matters a lot and following are some of the garments a fashion model expected to wear "


Varieties of Fashion garments are infinite. Every country, sometimes even regions have different types of garments. So, making an exhaustive lists of garments used in Fashion modelling is impossible. However, every garment can be classified into three - top, bottom and one piece.

Indian Wear

Sarees are stunning dresses from Indian Subcontinent. Its colourful pattern and strategic covering of body parts makes it sensual and elegant. Sarees can be draped in multiple styles and it is usually worn with a blouse and skirt beneath the saree. Conservative style of draping will cover the full body. However, with modern day draping styles, sarees can be made sexier by strategically revealing midriff, navel, cleavage or all of them together. Another Indian wear is Lehenga Choli or simply lehenga is set of three items, lehenga which is the bottom-wear like a skirt, choli which is the upper-wear like a blouse and dupatta which is the scarf worn above it to complement the traditional look. 


Dresses come in various lengths, necklines, sleeve styles and back styles. It can be custom made too if it is from a line of designer's clothing. Long dresses are elegant as an evening wear, short dresses are party favourite and low cut dresses make the sexy statement. With its Strategic cuts and latest trends of long slits and transparent fabric, dresses has come a long way from celebrity red carpet to general women's wardrobe. There is no other garment like one piece dress which is elegant, classy, sexy and conservative all together.


Top styles are endless with various necklines, sleeve styles, lengths and coverage. It itself is a conundrum which a women needs to unravel herself. Tops speaks of the personality of a women because it is the simplest of all the garments which can be found on earth. Crop tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, one shoulders, halter necks all are just a way to express themselves. Choosing right top can works magic on women's confidence. Be it office function or late night party, a simple top with right bottom is all what you need.


Choice among bottom wears can be plenty but when it comes to denim, it's simply the best from High Rise Jeans to Ultra short Daisy Dukes, denim offers multitude of choices. While a standard pair of denim jeans and shorts are must have in every women's wardrobe, fashion trends such as heavily distressed jeans and hot pants with slight reveal of buttocks are getting popular. Sex appeal of these skimpy clothes cannot be underestimated because there aren't so much a women can wear in public and denims are just a way to express themselves.


Among all types of modelling, fashion modelling is most popular because of lack of entry barriers, multitude of opportunities and option to move in any direction. On a scale of 100, fashion models have best experience overall, provided they have little bit luck








Fashion Models work in various genres and different genres have different height criteria. Strictest one is runway modelling where minimum height required to walk any worthwhile ramp is 5ft 9inch. In all other genres of fashion modelling, you can find a gig if you are at least 5ft 3inch.


Following are three top models who are specialised in Fashion. These models have made successful career in modelling without wearing a Bikini or stripping to nude. These models should be an inspiration for young aspiring women who wants to get into modelling without worrying about skin exposure.

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