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Swimwear or Bikini modelling is not for all. It requires confidence, courage and high amount of self esteem. Models who made a career as bikini models or lingerie models require a salute from us because they travelled against the tide and overcome all taboos and inhibitions to reach the position they are in now.


" When it comes to swimwear, thinner and lighter the fabric gets, better it is "


Bikini or Swimwear modelling involves different types of swimsuits, lingeries and sexy wears. What a model needs to wear depends upon the creative aspect of the shoot. Usually high profile swimwear shoot does include some implied topless and thongs, not all models are comfortable with that. These are some of the garments which are usually used in a bikini or swimwear shoot.


Most common and popular variety of swimwear. Worn in beaches, pools and just anywhere to get feel of fresh air on the bare body. Swimwear and Bikini are not synonymous. All bikinis are swimwear but not all swimwear are bikinis. There are other varieties of swimwear like monokini, tankini, one piece etc.. However bikini is the two piece variety which is most popular because of its aesthetics and functionality. It minimises the tan line while having maximum sun on the skin. Those who do not require tan, they also enjoy it's comfort while bathing and swimming.


G-strings are bikini bottoms which are made with thin strings. It helps to reduce tan line almost to nil. There will be zero coverage of buttocks, full buttocks will be visible and only a string of cloth will go between the legs to cover the base privates. In front G-string form a triangle though it can vary between manufacturer to manufacturer. In addition to being a comfortable beachwear, g-string also have a sexual vibe towards it. It is the most sexiest piece of cloth a women can wear and men loves it when they wear it. It's just irresistible.


Micro-bikinis are very tiny bikinis which barely cover the privates. It is getting popular in beaches and in photoshoots. However, it is not suitable for conservative beaches or photoshoots in public places. Micro-bikinis comes in variety of types, sizes and fabrics. Difference between G-strings and Micro-bikinis are that g-strings are considered more decent and it is mainly about bikini bottoms. However in micro-bikini both bikini top and bottom will be tiny and in most cases it matches in style and look.


Hot, skimpy and sexy is what describes lingerie. Not a social wear, suitable in bedrooms and private areas. It is most commonly used as nightwear. Lingeries comes in various styles, coverage and patterns and since it is not expected to be worn on public, lingeries may not hide all the privates or may not have cloth on strategic places. It's a sexy wear and not a swimwear. Hence, usually lingeries are avoided during a swimwear shoot and most of the Lingerie shoots are done indoors.


Swimwear modelling is a niche are. Only certain models who have the courage and persistence will get into bikini modelling. Bikini modelling is not a place for earning quick money but a place to earn a name. On a scale of 100, bikini models have maximum earnings because of the opportunities they have.








Bikini models requires good height around 5"8. However, it is not essential. Most two piece Bikinis looks good in a tall model because of the large area of bare body between bikini top and bikini bottom. Short models usually do a workaround for that by wearing bikini bottom at extreme low waist.


Following are models who have made solid career in Bikini and Swimwear modelling. We have omitted nude models to make the list more relevant to the category. Success in bikini modelling comes with a focused mind, persistence to work hard, good work ethics and a bold decision not to deviate from their path.

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