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I understand your confusion. You might be thinking why Ryan couldn't spend some time or money in editing the pictures before uploading it. It is true if our objective was to give awesome and flawless images to get people attracted. When was the last time you compared someone in your real life with some model you saw in magazine or internet. If you are like most people, I am sure you thought "Why I am not finding a girl like that?"

You are not finding a girl like that because you have not seen your own girl with good makeup and a heavy retouch. I am sure you will be surprised to know how a person can be changed with makeup and retouch.  Our objective #BeautifyNudity, was to change the mindset of people in wearing the clothes. People wear clothes to hide body, while we say people should wear clothes to beautify body. Sometimes the output is same, but the change in thinking can create a big influence in wearer's confidence, attitude and comfort level. Likewise, our #NoRetouch campaign is to show beauty as real as it is without any manipulation and encourage people to be happy with what they have and stop falling into trap of retouched images.

Editing pictures is not sin and we are not against it. However, If we edit pictures and preach about #BeautifyNudity, it wouldn't make lot of sense. Almost all models with whom we had done shoot have have some imperfection in their body. Some have pimples, scars, surgery marks, stretch marks, dark patches, tattoo marks etc... These things are natural and people bound to have these kind of things in their life. Some models also have body hair forgotten to be removed. We could easily solve all these problems by editing and retouching, but should we do it?  No. Because, we want our viewers to understand the real person and we encourage people to see beyond a person's size, shape, colour, race, ethnicity, height, weight and all physical attributes.

Now, you may ask why are we doing Makeup then if we want to show real women. Then answer is simple - we believe if a women can appear in front of you physically in certain way, she is real as it can get. So, makeup is good and in fact we encourage people to wear makeup like how we encourage people to wear clothes to beautify their body. It is the part of beautification and it is not manipulation. If a women is wearing a red lipstick, nobody will think her natural lip colour is that bright sexy red colour.

Anyway I will end with a sad note that these days I see Chinese smartphones taking pictures and doing auto editing to deceive people to believe that it is the quality of camera. Sadly, now we are already in the retouched world. Don't know how much difference we can make...


"If every women have the freedom to go out without worrying about scars and marks in their body, it does is a symbol of women empowerment"

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