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When was the last time you heard a guy calling a girl slut for wearing shorts?
When was the last time you heard someone saying short clothes are reason for rapes?

It won't be long. I am sure you have heard it or if you are like most of people, you might have said it yourselves. So, why do you do it or why others are doing it? Reason is Simple! Humanity has got it wrong the purpose of clothing.

Clothes were first worn by Homo Neanderthals. They lived during the Ice age about 30,000 years ago in late Pleistocene era. They became extinct because they started to shed their fur and couldn't cope up with extreme climate and parasites from modern Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens who were higher species evolved to be less sensitive to climate and they covered their body with animal skin and Plant fibres to protect from extreme climate, fire, mosquitoes and as an armour while going for hunting and war.

Later when violence and climatic changes became frequent, Homo Sapiens decides to keep their clothes on at all times, not just when it requires. Around this time they started to adorn and embellish their body with beards, paints and animal furs to make them look more beautiful and creative. So, with evolution this adornment and beautification became necessity in human lives and we, the modern humans, still believe in that.
So, you can see clothes are are the not de-facto standard of humans, they are invented for serving particular purposes like protection and beautification of body and not one of them were to be modest. The "modesty" aspect of clothing was created by religions and if we didn't know more, it was created by a single man.

Now-a-days, People are raping women because they wear short clothes, brothers are murdering sisters for wearing bikini, parents are casting out daughters for wearing shorts and the worst, terrorists are killing women for showing a bit of shoulders.
If entire population had not primed to believe the primary purpose of clothing is to cover "modesty", many crimes and hate violence could have been avoided. But, it is too late for that, Don't you think?

#BeautifyNudity campaign is to encourage women to wear clothes to beautify one's own body rather than to hide it, and to teach men not to judge or shame women for wearing short clothes. Women should imagine their naked body as a blank canvas on which to apply different colours, materials and embellishments through clothes, makeup and jewellery. Start from nudity and work over from there. Traditionally when women decides to wear a cloth, they imagine fully clothed and decides on how much to strip down. This is a destructive path for women who are susceptible to body shaming, because, deep inside they feel like they are doing a sin by stripping down each piece of cloth. Religion and Society had done a good job on that. Men on the other hand should learn to see women as a beautiful being in the world who have every right to show off their beauty, not as an obscene thing which can be revealed only on bedrooms.

When it comes to beautifying their body, women have an advantage of lack of body hair which helps them to reveal skin as much as they want and give more real estate to adorn and beautify their body. But, men on the hand have lot of body hair and are prone to protruded stomach which is in a way is not aesthetically pleasing and this limits their ability to beautify manhood around their face and arms. #BeautifyNudity is Body Positive at its purest form because if you remember, nudity is the starting point in your makeover and you wear clothes, jewellery and Makeup on your nude body until it gives you the desired look or comfort. So, whether you are a man, woman, fat, thin, short, tall, white, dusky or dark, you can paint a beautiful picture in your body with clothes. And, we help you in painting your nude body with clothes, jewellery and Makeup by providing you inspirations from real women.

Our Nude Photo Gallery is collection of women wearing clothes as little as possible without being erotic or sexual in any manner and our Model Photo Gallery is collection of women in everyday wear and beachwear clothes like Bikinis, Dresses, Jeans, Shorts, Crop Tops and various Indian wears.


"If every women have the choice to wear anything they wanted without being censored or shamed by others, it does is a symbol of women empowerment"

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