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Ryan is an Author, Entrepreneur and a Photographer. Started his career as a hobby part-time photographer in his home country - India, Ryan always loved to click pictures. He never missed an opportunity to capture great moments and beautiful scenes. After few years of dabbling with cameras and photoshoots, Ryan decided to nurture his hobby. From a small start-up, now his media business is known worldwide. His efforts on nude photography is what made his journey unique. Nude Photography is a genre which is still at its nascent stage in many countries. Initially it was next to impossible to conduct a nude shoot overcoming all the taboos and inhibitions. However, with the help of confident models and dedicated team Ryan was able to start a initiative on Nude Photography and Nude Photography Education.


One of the notable achievements in Nude Photography was introduction of Nude weddings, which was not that popular but diversifying into Boudoir and glamour shoots helped him to carve a niche in wedding photography It was a direct inspiration from 2003 Jamaican mass nude weddings and Natcon 2015, Thailand. Ryan is also the promoter of #BeautifyNudity Campaign which encourage women to wear clothes to beautify one's own body than to hide it and to educate men to see beyond a women's clothing and not to shame them for wearing clothes of their choice. The whole concept of #BeautifyNudity campaign is based on imagining your nude body as a blank canvas on which you apply different colours, materials and embellishments like the original inventors of clothes has done - Homo Neanderthals. Know More

Ryan has to shutdown his business twice in 2019 and 2020 due to social, political and legal reasons. After lots of deliberation and restructure of the business , Ryan was able to re-launch in 2022.

Ryan has authored 2 books, first one is "Modelling: Career of Dreams" and second one is Digital Photography. Both are available as Paperback and E-book in major retailers. Currently he is working on his third book - "Fashion and Nude Photography" which is set to publish in Fall 2022 in both Paperback and E-book. 

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